Let's create a film that will move not only its heroes.

I will accompany you on the day of the ceremony from preparations to the wedding party. The reportage, which will last 10-30 minutes, will include a summary of all the events. The most important thing for me on this day is for you to enjoy every moment. After all, the three of us are working on the success of this film!

In addition to the movie, you will receive a compressed dose of these emotions in the form of a few-minute wedding trailer and access to the raw footage, which lasts about an hour. As a wedding filmmaker, capturing emotions is at the heart of my craft. I believe that a wedding film should be more than just a documentation of the day’s events.

Behind every story, there are people

The magic of reportage is its unpredictability, I feel great in controlled chaos. Ultimately, my goal is to create a wedding film that is a true reflection of the couple’s personalities and the emotions of their special day. I believe that a well-crafted wedding film has the power to transport the viewer back in time and evoke the same feelings of joy, love, and excitement that were felt on the wedding day. Every movie is a very individual reminder.

Exemplary wedding trailer:

Exemplary movies:

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5000 PLN

    • Main movie (10-20 minutes).
    • Wedding trailer.
    • Link to the website with the
      wedding trailer and main movie.
    • At least 60 minutes of source
      material from the wedding day.
    • I work from preparation to the midnight.
    • A short outdoor session on the wedding day.
    • I use aerial shots in my videos.
    • Free travel up to 100 km.

6000 PLN

    • Main movie (15-30 minutes).
    • Wedding trailer.
    • Link to the website with the
      wedding trailer and main movie.
    • At least 90 minutes of material
      source from the wedding day.
    • I work from preparation to the midnight.
    • Outdoor session the day before or the next day.
    • I use aerial shots in my videos.
    • Free travel up to 200 km.

I like to talk - let's chat!

Let’s get to know each other a bit, I’ll ask about your day, tell you how I work and answer all your questions.
+48 795 809 600

Frequently Asked Questions:

I always recommend organizing your day so that you can get ready on the place where the wedding will take place. This will save you unnecessary stress related to moving between hairdresser, makeup artist, barber, and home… During such preparations, we have time to get to know each other better, and you can also get used to my presence and the camera.

I always adjust to your plans and scheduled times, but most often, I start filming with the bride during makeup. Then we organize the groom’s preparations. Remember about the groomsmen – friends will create a great atmosphere and help you focus on each other and your emotions.

The same applies to the bridesmaids during the bride’s preparation, which is next in the schedule. The culmination of the preparations is your first meeting of the day.

From that moment on, we move together through the rest of the ceremony.

It is material recorded by the camera along with sound.

Yes. After receiving the contract via email, it is sufficient for you to send the signed agreement back via email as well.

I work throughout Poland and Europe. Travel up to 100 km is included in the price. The cost of travel beyond 100 km and within Europe is determined individually. Additional costs may apply for travel to a outdoor photo shoot on a day other than that specified in the standard or premium package. If the distance is more than 100 kilometers, accommodation must be provided.

The standard waiting time is 120 working days. The waiting time may be extended in connection with exceptional events up to 180 working days.

The deposit is 1000 PLN for the whole package. The rest of the payment is due upon receipt of the completed order.

Sony Alpha A7III, Lenses: Sony 28mm f2.0, Sony G 90mm Macro f2.8, Sony 28-70mm f.3,5-5,6.
Dji Mavic Air, gimbal Feiyutech ak4000.

I care about good and pleasant cooperation. I understand how important this day is.
I will be honored to capture it for you.